Auto-Add: What Is It and How Does It Get You More Gigs?

Posted by Alyssa Van Aman on July 18, 2018

Auto-Add Leads

Are you familiar with our auto-add feature and how it gets members more bookings? If not, I suggest you keep reading...

How Auto-Add Works

When a client puts in a request for a vendor on The Bash, they have the option to check a box that allows The Bash to send their request to 5 or 10 additional similar vendors for their event. This feature not only helps clients find a vendor for their event, it also creates more exposure and opportunities for members to get leads. In fact, almost 50% of all bookings on The Bash are from auto-added leads!

Vendors must respond to auto-added leads within 48 hours, otherwise it will be marked as declined on our end and the request will be sent to another vendor. (Note: This is why sometimes on an auto-add lead you’ll see that vendors have already responded to the request. As soon as someone declines or doesn’t respond within the 48 hours, another vendor will automatically be added to the request). You can still respond with a price quote once the 48 hour expiration date has passed, but your competition will have increased by then.

So why is there a time limit? Well, first off, it’s proven at The Bash that 1 in 3 gigs goes to the vendor that responds first so it’s in your favor to respond fast. Secondly, it enables clients to get quotes immediately and, in turn, help them get a vendor booked for their event more quickly.

Why Auto-Add is Beneficial for New Members

Clients request additional vendors for their events 83% of the time which not only gives long-time members a way to get more bookings, it also helps new members get their first booking. Of course auto-add creates more competition, so you’ll win some and lose some, however it only takes one gig to start getting many more so don’t give up and certainly don’t be discouraged. Take it from these two members:

“My success is 100% customer service. Remember one event can lead to another 100!”


“The Bash has been such a blessing to our family-owned DJ business. In the summer of 2016, we decided to give it a try and so we put together some pictures and videos for our profile and bingo, we had a booking a few days later! The rest was history. Fast forward to 2018 and we are getting great bookings almost every week via The Bash!”

Tips for Responding to Auto-Add Leads

Personalization is key. Your quote to the client is what will make you stand out against your competition. Make your message very personalized to the client’s request and event, and try to let your personality and professionalism shine through. Let them know why you’re a great fit for their event!

Be flexible and friendly. If you’re new to The Bash, consider mentioning that even though you don’t have a booking on The Bash yet, you have been performing for X years in your profession and list some recent accomplishments/awards you have received. Also in your quote, let them know you’d be happy to work with their budget and to discuss other options to make your services work for their event. Getting that first booking and review are key to being on your way to getting more, so be flexible.  

Follow up and be patient. Continue to respond quickly to the quotes that come in and follow up on them via email and/or a phone call. In the long-run, the auto-add feature is designed to get you more leads and more gigs, so be patient and you’ll be busy gigging in no time!


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