Event Planners: 7 Easy Ways to Brand Your Profile

Posted by The Bash on February 10, 2014

As part of our recent category expansion, we opened the door to professional event planners looking to list their services on The Bash (formerly GigMasters). Now event planners, coordinators, and designers alike can create custom profiles to advertise their businesses to the 30,000 prospective clients on our site daily. Sound good? We thought so!

But just like any other category of professionals in the event industry, working with event planners has required a great deal of research on our part. From understanding your booking timelines to learning you price your services, we've done lots of homework in order to best optimize our site for your unique experience. And that job isn't done – we’re still looking for feedback on how we can continue to perfect our services in order for you to properly market yours.

So for all of you event planners who have used us in the past to book entertainment for special events, consider this an official invitation to join our community and see how the other side of The Bash works. To get you started, we put together a list of seven easy ways you can better brand your profile.

1. Use a professional profile photo: Between your cover photo and media section, there is plenty of room for you to display all of the amazing photographs from events you've planned in the past. Use your profile photo for either a professional headshot or a properly sized jpeg of your company’s logo. Remember, your profile photo will be what appears in our search results, so like any other image you feature on your profile, it may be worth spending to have a professional shot taken for it. Or at least one that looks the part!

2. Treat your cover photo like a table arrangement: Not to be outdone, your cover photo should also take on a professional appearance. There are countless options for creatively capturing your service here, but we find that if you offer this space the same attention to detail that you would any given table arrangement at an event, you really can’t go wrong. Rather than stretching a single image across the top of your profile, try a collage. By strategically incorporating images that align neatly and maintain a color scheme, you’ll visually capture potential clients by showing them your eye for detail right off the bat. Plus, you’ll also be allowing them to see numerous examples of your past work.

3. Package your service and tie it with a bow: Standard offers and discounts might not work for your business, since so much of it fluctuates from client to client. You can, however, get creative when it comes to crafting “Offers” that clients can directly request you through. Maybe you offer a package deal on weddings of a certain size or a discount on events planned during a particular month. It’s not about cheapening your services, but rather offering timely specials that incentivize clients to book with you.

4. Share a page from your brag book: Your “About” section is where you need to capture the attention of potential clients with your most impressive resume points. Whether you've been in business for 20+ years, tout a BFA, or recently executed events for notable clientele, this is exactly the place to illustrate all that you've accomplished. Have you received industry awards or recognition? Put that down, too! Don’t be afraid to brag – you worked hard to establish your brand, make clients aware of the accolades you've received along the way. Just remember, proper grammar speaks volumes, so don’t neglect to edit this section more than once.

5. Save the date: Most event planners are aware of the event dates they’re working with well in advance. That’s not to say that you never get frantic calls for last minute day-of event coordination. Either way, you should mark the dates you are currently booked on your profile calendar. The reason for this is two-fold. One, your availability will be clear to prospective clients if you have your booked events and blackout dates noted. Two, those same clients will be undoubtedly impressed when they see that your services are in high demand.

6. Select the events you service : Not all professional planners take on the same types of events, that’s for sure. It’s important then that you take a moment to carefully select all of the event types you are, indeed, willing to service. Not only will this help clients find you when filtering their searches for event-specific vendors, but it’ll also weed out those looking for, say, a planner for their child’s birthday party, when your specialty lies in large-scale corporate events. It’s an easy fix to ensure clients are accurately requesting you for the right events.


7. Spread your social wings: In this industry, it’s not a bad thing to be a social butterfly. That’s why we make it easy for you to plug your profile on every major social platform, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Get a glowing review from a client? You can share a link straight to the review itself from any of your social media accounts that you have connected to your profile on The Bash. Not to mention we’re constantly engaging with our members on social media to promote their businesses to all of our other followers. Stay connected so we can help you get your brand’s voice out there!

Clients are coming to The Bash every day in search of innovative planners that can bring their creative vision to life. Take a moment then to boost your brand by making sure your profile best represents your business!

If you have any questions at all while building your profile, you can always give our Account Specialists a ring at 866-342-9794. They’ll be able to walk you through customizing your profile with photos, videos, offers, and more. And don’t forget, we’re looking for your feedback as we continue to develop our services around yours. You can email any comments or suggestions to us at marketing@thebash.com.


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