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Posted by The Bash on August 18, 2016

The Bash (formerly GigMasters) offers a number of beneficial features you might not know about, including the Search Results Analyzer, Gig Final Outcome Emails, Recent Quote Display, and In Demand Feature. You are automatically opted into these, however, you have the option to take yourself out at any time.

To adjust your preferences for these features, log in to your Control Panel, go to the Account tab, and select 'Edit' for Optional Features. You can opt in or opt out of these features at any time by clicking the buttons under the 'Action' column. 

Optional Features

Here's the rundown on these four optional features on The Bash:

  1. Search Results Analyzer: This helps give you some insight into why our search results are ordered the way they are by revealing the booking dollars and feedback points of other performers in your category (as well as your own). If you're opted in, you can view your Search Results Analyzer page here.
  2. Gig Final Outcome Emails: When you submit a quote for a gig but do not get hired, you'll receive this email to let you know which vendor (if any) got the booking.
  3. Display Recent Quotes on Profile: Display recent quotes on your profile to show potential clients how you price your services. This is an optional feature that you can turn on/off at any time.
  4. In Demand: To encourage booking and create a sense of urgency, quotes will let customers know whenever there are other clients of The Bash who have also inquired about you for the very same event date.

If you have any questions, contact The Bash anytime.

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