Gig Tips For Corporate Events

Posted by The Bash on August 4, 2011


Corporate gigs and company parties are up there with weddings as some of the best paying gigs around. And, contrary to what you might think of when you hear the words 'corporate party,' they can be really fun.

That's why The Bash is actively courting corporate gigs. We recently launched our Corporate Events section aimed at helping corporate event planners find the perfect entertainment.

We are also talking to corporate event planners to get a better idea of exactly what The Bash can do to help them pull off amazing events.

We have booked thousands of corporate events over the last 14 years and we have learned a few things along the way. Here are just a couple tips to keep in mind next time you are performing at a corporate event:

Play Your Part

Sometimes corporate planners hire entertainment as the event's main act. Other times planners are really just looking for background music. If you are a band or soloist playing during a cocktail hour or reception, you shouldn't be jumping off the walls or doing anything too flashy. Stick to the tunes and don't worry about speaking to the crowd too much. However if all eyes are on you and you are the main event, feel free to step up the energy a bit.

Not sure of your role? It never hurts to ask.

Look the Part

Not to be Captain Obvious here but you don't want to show up at a corporate gig wearing jean shorts and a tank top (in fact, please don't show up anywhere wearing that). Even if you are playing a casual corporate event you should look nice. You might not have to perform in a suit, but then again, maybe you will. You won't know whats appropriate until you ask!

Play Nice

Variety performers are often booked for corporate events. Hypnotists, magicians, comedians are all great at entertaining large groups and interacting with the crowd. Part of the reason these entertainers get so many corporate gigs is because they are great at breaking the ice. As you probably know, company events can be slightly awkward for employees so planners often look for ways to break the ice. That might be your job!

A word of warning though, be careful who you involve in your act. You don't want to embarrass anyone. Not everyone likes having all eyes on them so if you are pulling someone on stage, make sure they are a willing participant!

Many Returns

Play your cards right and you can turn one corporate gig into many. Corporate event planners often plan events for multiple different companies and some companies don't have time to search for new performers so they go with what they know. I remember at one former job, we would hire the same performer every year.

Also remember that people change jobs a lot these days. Impress someone at a corporate event and when they change jobs, they might take you with them!


Those are just a few tips for corporate events. We know you guys are the real experts. Leave us a comment and let us know your best corporate event gig tips!

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