Habits of Our Top 100 Bookers: Responding to Party Planners

Posted by Alyssa Van Aman on September 7, 2018

Habits of Our Top 100 Bookers: Responding to Party Planners

In part three of our blog series on the Habits of our Top 100 Bookers, we take a look at some stats around how these top bookers on The Bash are responding to party planners and offer helpful tips on how you can achieve the same success.

  • 97% response rate: The top 100 bookers on The Bash respond to 97% of client requests they receive - that means almost 100% of the time, they are providing a response, whether they're declining it or offering a quote to the client. It's important to respond to a client either way. If you're not available for the event, or are simply not interested, just send a polite "no" response. It's a common courtesy to let the client know they should move on to other vendors and it also helps improve your response time!

    Helpful Tip! The faster you're aware of new leads, the faster you can respond to them. Enable Text Message Leads to receive gig alerts and client messages in real-time.

  • 6 hour response time: If you are interested in the gig, a quick response is key. Fast responders are more likely to get booked on The Bash (and the more you book, the more leads we'll send you). 

    Helpful Tip! You can check your average response time under the stats column on the Dashboard tab of your Member Control Panel. 

"You need to have a lightning fast response time and continuous communication. When you get a Gig Alert, stop what you’re doing. Pull over and reply with your quote ASAP…most clients hire one of the first responders."

- Member of The Bash | Eric Lothrop, DJ


  • Almost 90% have the Rapid Responder badge: Members receive the Rapid Responder badge on their profile if they have an average response time of 24 hours or less. Clients love to see badges like this one! Try to cut down your response time if you don't already qualify for this badge.

  • 500 - 1,000 character quote length:  Top bookers have an average of 500 - 1,000 characters in their quotes to clients compared to a 0 - 500 average for all other members. Don't be too short and sweet with your quotes. Take the time to add a personal touch depending on their request and event. 

    Helpful Tip! Set up saved responses with different quotes for different types of leads. Having these drafts will help you respond faster. 

"I make sure that I answer all emails professionally in paragraphs with a Salutation and a Complimentary close. Keeping communication professional shows that you take your business seriously and it helps to establish credibility."

- GigMasters Member | Kurt Borst, Acoustic Guitarist

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