How to Upload Video

Posted by The Bash on March 29, 2012

We highly recommend that you add video to your profile. We’ve found that members with video on their page are four times as likely to get booked than those without.

Log into your control panel and select the "Profile" tab. Press the edit link next to "Video Samples." Find an open file number and select "click here to upload an MP3 or video." 

Take a moment to read over this information, and make sure that your video is in the correct format. When you’re ready, enter the video title that you want displayed on your profile. Then click "select file."

Find your video file on your computer, then click "open." Next, click "upload file." This may take several minutes, depending on the file size. When it’s ready, you can click "View My Profile" to see your video on your live page.

Just so you know, if you have any YouTube videos that aren’t saved on your computer, you can email your video link to and we’ll convert it for you. You can now upload video to your profile.

If you have any questions, contact The Bash anytime. We also recommend these other video tutorials to help you get more gigs. And here are some more video-related posts:

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