Member Spotlight: Elvis Impersonator Rick Torres

Posted by Drew Stoga on April 19, 2012

Rick Torres

It's no secret that we have our share of amazingly talented and amazingly busy entertainers here at The Bash. But with a whopping 506 verified bookings on The Bash, it's hard to imagine anyone stays busier than 5-star Elvis Impersonator Rick Torres (Santa Clara, CA).

A member since 2007, you'll find Rick listed on The Bash as Rick Torres Bay Area's #1 Elvis Impersonator. One look at his Profile and you'll notice that not only does Rick have 506 bookings and 347 reviews, he's also brought home the Elvis Impersonator Rising Star award in 2008, 2010 and 2011.

Also on his Profile are eight (8) video clips! That's eight chances for potential clients to sample video of Rick in action, not to mention all of his great photos and audio clips. The lesson here: the more (quality) media on your Profile, the better. And the more likely you are to get booked. Plus, having a pink Cadillac sure helps.

Rick himself attributes his success to being "very customer oriented and always looking for the best possible deal for my clients...100% satisfaction is my goal." At The Bash we wholeheartedly share this focus on customer satisfaction. The entertainment business is a service industry after all.

We love Rick's positive attitude and clearly it comes across to his clients. Just check these samples from a few of his 347 reviews:

"I can't say enough about Rick Torres...He was so on top of every detail, punctual, and overall a joy to meet." Lisa G. 5/6/2011

"This is the 4th time we haved used Rick for a special event. Each time he has made it even more personal than before." -- Renee C. 7/30/2011

"Rick was wonderful from the time I first spoke to him to the end of his performance...a professional through and through." Maryann T. 10/22/2011

What keeps him going? The knowledge that with each show he has "the privilege of entering people's lives." Rick went on to tell us: "I can honestly say I am living the best times of my life." And we can honestly say 'Thanks Rick for giving our clients some of the best times of their lives.'

Rick Torres

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