Our Advice for Party Planners on The Bash

Posted by Olivia Borsari on April 1, 2020

Our Advice to Party Planners on The BashWhile we continue to publish content on our blog to assist our members with navigating the impact of COVID-19, we also want to highlight what we are communicating to party planners on The Bash to assist them during this time.

Through all of our editorial content and communication, we are encouraging party planners to work with vendors directly and are emphasizing the following three messages:

1. Communication is Key

In this time of rescheduled and cancelled events, we are emphasizing to party planners the importance of communication. We are urging them to immediately and directly contact their vendors. We recommend they discuss available dates for later this year, payment options, and any other questions or concerns they may have. We also encourage them to keep an open mind and to be flexible when working with vendors during this time.

2. Postpone, Don't Cancel

We are strongly recommending to party planners on The Bash to reschedule or postpone their events, rather than cancel them. We have increased our proactive communication to them by publishing and sharing sharing new editorial content, like how they can take their event virtual and steps they can take to reschedule their event.

3. Support Local Vendors

We know that many of our members are being flexible and supportive during this time, whether it's by offering refunds for cancelled events or credits to be used for a future event. We are encouraging party planners to also be flexible and keep an open mind. We are providing ways they can show some love to vendors during this time like posting a positive review on various platforms or sharing a post on social media to spotlight the vendor. Above all, we are reiterating the importance of supporting local vendors like our members.


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