Promote Your Profile with 'Book Now' and Social Media Icons

Posted by Peter G on May 24, 2013

Hello, members. Promoting your profile on social media and personal websites is the best way to spread the word about your services. So, our tech team worked their magic in your control panel to help you do this!

Login to GigMasters and go to your Tools tab. Here you'll notice the new link for "Logos and Images Library." Click the link, and then you'll see your unique embed codes. Feel free to use them to promote your GigMasters' profile on your own website or social sites, such as Facebook. If this sounds too technical, you may want to forward this blog post to your web guy (if you have one) or contact GigMasters.

facebook image

What's New

  • The GigMasters logo and social share icons have been added to the Library, along with the existing “Book Now” image.
  • The social share icons (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest) will ask to share your profile URL in a status update or board post.
  • The GigMasters "GM" social share icon will directly lead your audience to your GigMasters profile.

That's all for now! Let us know if you have questions social sharing, embed codes or anything else.

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