Report: How Vendors Are Finding Success in 2022

Posted by Audrey Saavedra on March 8, 2022

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After navigating an uncertain events industry the past two years, more consistent celebrations are finally ahead. Weddings are expected to hit a historic high, and many other new and rescheduled events will be taking place this year.

In our new report, we provide detailed findings from our survey of over 750 event vendors on the actions they're taking to find success this year. You will learn if they've connected with new clients, how they plan to advertise their business, what they are looking forward to most in 2022, and more!

How Vendors Are Finding Success in 2022

Party hosts and event planners are ready to celebrate, and vendors are in high demand. On The Bash, we have seen vendor requests and bookings return to pre-pandemic levels. In fact, 64% of vendors surveyed said they have already connected with new clients so far in 2022 and 70% of vendors have received requests for events that will be happening in 2022. 

In this full report, learn more about vendors' feedback on:

  • Whether they are connecting with new clients and for what events.
  • Their top priorities when it comes to responding to leads.
  • How they plan to advertise their business this year.
  • The changes they are making to their business.
  • Their top business goals for 2022.

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