Meet the Top Booked DJs in 2018

Posted by The Bash on February 15, 2019

Top Booked DJs 2018Here at The Bash, we are always looking for new and exciting ways to highlight all of our amazing members. As we kick off 2019 we thought the perfect way to “get the party started” would be to reach out to our top booked DJs in 2018 so we could all get to know them a little better!

Top Booked DJs in 2018

Tessa Thomas | DJ Tossing T and MC JT | Los Angeles, CA

DJ Tossing T

Fun Fact: I absolutely love dancing.

What I love most about being a DJ: What I love most about DJing is engaging with people before, during, and after an event. I love it when both our spontaneity moments meet, making the event even more memorable.

2019 Resolution: To perfect my DJing skills and gain more exposure.
Kelly Silver | Silver Lining Entertainment | Hoboken, NJ
Kelly Silver
Fun Fact: Not only do I DJ, but I’m also a vocalist, dancer, songwriter and music producer.

Favorite event of the past year: My favorite event of the past year was Jenny and Jamie’s wedding. The event took place at the W Loft in Brooklyn. The ceremony was outside on the roof and the reception was inside the event space. The bride and groom were from the UK, which is where I’m from originally. I would say 80% of the guests had flown over for the wedding. Musically, it was quite nostalgic as a large selection of their song requests was music I grew up listening to back in the UK. The dance floor was packed from the moment it opened to the end. They even added some overtime. The speeches were hysterical, and to top it all off, Jenny decided to see how many times she could keep the ball in the air in a wedding dress. She did this while I was playing Football’s Coming Home, which had been played so much running up to their wedding during the World Cup. It was a great mixture of fun, at a great venue, and with perfect weather.

2019 Resolution: This year I would like to expand my wedding business, and the “live DJ” events. I’ve been fortunate to have a lot of my corporate clients hire me for repeat events year after year. By early next year I plan to open my second Silver Lining Entertainment location.

Marcus Lewis | DJ King James | Raleigh, NC 
DJ King James
Fun Fact: I love providing luxurious quality entertainment for all of my clients. I always get so nervous before events to the point that I profusely sweat because I want my clients and their guests to have an experience of a lifetime. Once the event is going, I’m okay. I revealed this to my mentor and he laughed for hours because he recalled an event we did together where he experienced it firsthand. He laughed so hard because he had no idea that I was nervous. After hours of laughter, he said that my sweat issue is a sign that I care about the service I provide and that there's nothing wrong with it, but to make sure I do not sweat on any major components and electrocute myself. Then he told me the day that I stop sweating profusely before events would be the day that it is time to hang up my hat because I am no longer concerned with providing quality entertainment. Since that moment I have accepted it and embraced it. I am DJ King James aka The Big Sweat.

What I love most about being a DJ: What I enjoy the most about providing my services is regardless of how crazy things are in the world for that brief encounter we let go of all our worries. Frowns are replaced with smiles, tears are replaced with cheers, and cries are replaced with laughter. As cheesy as it may sound, that’s what I enjoy about being a DJ.

2019 Resolution: My resolution for 2019 is the same as every year - I want to find new ideas and invest in things that will elevate my services for my clients.
Dexter Facey | Os-Mo-Sis Sound System | Covington, GA
 Os Mosis Sound
Fun Fact: I love to dance and watch people do the same.
What I love most about being a DJ: It's the history of music, reading the crowd and the thrill of keeping people dancing as long as possible.

2019 Resolution: My resolution is to book more gigs than last year.
Reuben Davis | The "Big Joker" aka DJ FX | Raleigh, NC
Fun Fact: Well, I am a retired NFL Player - I played 11 years in the league for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers/Arizona Cardinals and the San Diego Chargers. I started DJing at the age of 8 years old doing community garage parties. I earned a full scholarship to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to play football, but while there I became the campus DJ for many events. I continued to stay close to my second love behind football which is music, so I used my celebrity status to get DJ jobs while playing in the NFL. I performed at many Super Bowl after parties, landed a residence at a club in San Diego, and did a weekend MTV Beach house party in Mexico. My charity foundation in San Diego was Two Tons of Fun and during my time there, we threw a party during the 1996 Super Bowl in San Diego. My staff hired the one and only Grandmaster Flash - it was a huge honor to hang out with him and he actually gave me some pointers on Djing that I still go by to day, for example "Always create your own style and never feel like you have to do what other DJs are doing."
Favorite event of the past year: My favorite event last year was my 12/15/18 wedding for Kristen Rich in Brunswick, GA. It was a rustic wedding theme at The Buie Barn, a 5-star venue where everything for the wedding couple is inclusive, except the DJ. This wedding allowed me to showcase my history of music and love for every genre of music. We went from Country to EDM and everything in between. The energy and dance floor stayed at a high pace level. The Internet service was limited so I had to DJ fully from my library and there was very little requests so people got a chance to hear music they never heard before or had not heard in years. Parties like this is why I love DJing and taking people on a music journey!
2019 Resolution: For 2019, personally I want to have another healthy year. As far as Djing, I want to be right back on this list for next year! Finishing off with a performance at the 2020 Super Bowl weekend.
Frederick Paige | Dj Freddie P | Atlanta, GA
DJ Freddie P
Fun Fact: One fun fact about myself is that I am very easy going and able to adapt to any gig while Djing. I also have a positive vibe and love to keep my audience entertained with fun music for all occasions.

Favorite event of the past year: My favorite 2018 event was a November wedding in Atlanta at the Twelve Hotel at Atlantic Station. The guest list was about 160 people and they partied the entire time. At most weddings, people may be ready to leave after dinner, but this crowd stayed the whole time until it was time to leave. All the women danced right out there high heel shoes!

2019 Resolution: Reach out to more people wanting my DJ services, keep pushing my DJ services to give the best product I can give, and do more travel to different states where people want my DJ services.
Cleo Demesier | Sapid Music DJ Services | Atlanta, GA
Sapid Music DJ
Fun Fact: I coach a championship youth football team.
Favorite event of the past year: We had nearly 1,500 students at an event for Emory University in Atlanta. It was the most fun because it was three hours of non-stop music and pure FUN.

2019 Resolution: Hire more DJs so I can step back on actual DJing and work on growing the business.
Thank you to all of our amazing members for their dedication and hard work and cheers to another successful year on The Bash.


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