WeddingPro Webinar: COVID-19 Q&A for Pros

Posted by Olivia Borsari on March 25, 2020

WeddingPro Webinar: COVID-19 Q&A for ProsOur friends at WeddingPro hosted a webinar to discuss and share best practices for navigating today's uncertain times due to COVID-19. WeddingPro Educators joined the webinar to offer their pro tips for handling the impacts of COVID-19, including how to reschedule events and the importance of self-care.

We have included a few highlights from the webinar below, but encourage you to also watch the full recording here for more tips from the pros.

How to best help clients navigate rescheduling their events

  • Always communicate to clients with a sense of calmness.

  • Give a personalized break down of their options for rescheduling with you.

  • Handle on a case-by-case basis - every client has a unique situation.

The importance of taking care of yourself

  • Align with and lean on other event professionals, we're all on the same team!

  • Always remember your value as a professional in this industry.

How to work with clients who have not been impacted

  • Consider proactively following up with all clients booked throughout this year, even if their event is later this summer. It's important to make all clients feel secure and cared for during this time. 

  • Try to keep clients excited about planning events for the future.

For additional tips and ways to prep and protect your business, check out these other resources from WeddingPro:


As always, we are here to help. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Account Services team at or 866-342-9794.

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