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Gig Tip: Your Search Ranking on The Bash

Posted by Peter G on June 22, 2016

Watch this short video, featuring Jeremy from our Product Team, to find out how search results work on The Bash (formerly GigMasters)...

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Gig Tip: How to Create a Contract

Posted by Peter G on February 20, 2016

Watch this short video, featuring Courtney from Account Services, for an inside tip on how to generate a contract and seal the deal with your client...

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How to Request a Deposit (And Why You Should!)

Posted by Peter G on October 28, 2015

Everyone has their own way of working with new clients and quoting on gigs. That's why The Bash allows vendors to customize quotes and request deposits as an optional feature. We all know that deposits benefit the vendor, however, some are concerned that asking for money up front could scare away clients. Don't be scared!

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Gig Love: St. Louis Big Band

Posted by Peter G on October 6, 2015

Here at GigMasters, we love quotes. And not just the "free quotes" that our vendors submit to interested clients...but the testimonial kind as well.

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Webinar Video: Pro Tips - Getting Booked

Posted by Peter G on September 29, 2015

This webinar was recorded on September 23, 2015 and hosted by Courtney, Katie and Brittany from Account Services.

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