Primary Category: Cover Band vs. Dance Band

Posted by Peter G on May 16, 2013

cover band vs. dance bandWe're pretty nosy about categories here at GigMasters. And since our members specialize in doing private parties and weddings, we were curious how Cover Bands and Dance Bands compare to each other. When you run the numbers (as we like to do), we’ve found some interesting stats. In the past 3 years, May 15, 2010 to May 15, 2013...

Gig requests by clients for:
Cover Band - 26,368
Dance Band - 17,824

Members with primary category set as:
Cover Band - 1278
Dance Band - 678

If you're talking about overall gig requests, Cover Band is the more popular category. However, there are half as many members with Dance Band as their primary on GigMasters, so they actually get more requests per member. Now, this is nationwide so...

It depends on your location!

If you're in a dance-friendly band that does covers, I'd recommend looking at the GigMasters search results in your city. If you find that there are a lot more Cover Bands, for example, you may want to experiment with Dance Band as your primary to see if you get more leads.

Note: You will still appear in both results (as long as you have Cover Band and Dance Band selected in your control panel). This is just if you want to appear higher for searches for that particular category.

Contact us if you have questions about categories, search results or anything else!

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