Member Spotlight: ProSoundProviders

Posted by Mary Ellen Skawinski on July 31, 2013

Some kids dream about being an astronaut, or a doctor, or an athlete. For Rodney Fludd, the dream was a little different. Unconventional, even. In 1980, at the age of 8, he went to see DJ Afrika Bambaataa, Kool DJ Red Alert, and DJ Jazzy Jay at the Carver Center in Norwalk, Connecticut. From that day forward, Rod wanted to be a DJ. Fast forward to 2013 and Rod Fludd of ProSoundProviders is now going on 20 years as a professional DJ. He’s since DJ'ed everything from weddings to sweet sixteens and everything in between.

We’re awarding Rod the Kindness Award for one of those ‘in-betweens.’ He has volunteered his services, free of charge, at numerous charitable events which we think deserves recognition! Check out his new badge on his profile. I recently spoke with Rod about the kinds of charitable events he works at, and what importance giving back to the community holds for him.

“If it’s for a good cause, why not?” A simple enough rationale when asked to DJ at Secret Hair Style’s Cut-A-Thon in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The proceeds from all services purchased at the salon throughout the day were donated to breast cancer research and awareness. For Rod, this was the perfect opportunity to show off his chops for nothing short of a great cause. Then again, he’s no stranger to these sorts of events. Rod has worked pro bono at numerous charitable events across his home state of Connecticut, including many held by the state’s Department of Mental Health. He’s DJ'ed for the program’s talent shows, 3-on-3 basketball tournaments, and holiday dances, among other events geared toward children and adults alike.

For any of you event professionals considering donating your time for a charitable cause, Rod suggests thinking long term: “Out of the year, try to designate how many you’re going to do. Two or three, three or four.” Like any paid gig, he also notes, proximity is always something to consider. Check in with any organizations or companies that may host charitable events in your area. You won’t have to spend a lot on transportation, and you’ll be exposing yourself in the local arena. Accordingly, Rod points out that volunteering your services, while unpaid, is still a method of broadening your fan base and exposing yourself to any press outlets present. Most importantly, remember that there very well may be a potential client in the crowd.

Whether it’s a paid gig or one done free of charge, Rod knows when he’s been successful as a DJ, and it doesn’t take long for him to tell: “I know from the beginning. If people are dancing before the entrée is served, you know, I got it!” We knew ProSoundProviders had it when they were booked to DJ a promotional party for The Amazing Spider-Man at Sunglass Hut’s flagship store in New York City. Following that was a recent appearance on TLC’s “Four Weddings,” in addition to an upcoming event for a prominent politician. Aside from these high-profile gigs, however, it’s the unpaid ones for charitable causes that impress us the most here at GigMasters.

You may not have long locks to donate or the stamina for a road race, but you do have time to give as an entertainer or vendor. Charitable organizations are always in need of all sorts of services for their events. Offer yours and you too can earn the Kindness Award!

We’ve got lots of great awards and badges for our members— find out how you can earn them here.

Have you ever volunteered your services at a charitable event? Share your story below!

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