5 Tips on How to Get Gigs as a Musician

Posted by Audrey Saavedra on February 19, 2024

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When it comes to getting your music business booked for gigs, there are a lot of moving parts and it can seem daunting to decide where to even get started. That's why we're sharing five tips on how to get gigs as a musician, including insights from successful musicians on The Bash.

Of course, you want to expand your business, stand out from competitors, and get booked for more private events. But to make this all happen, where do you begin? Let's start with the basics—from creating a media kit and educating potential clients on your music business to cultivating an online presence, leveraging client reviews, and more. 

Here Are 5 Tips on How to Get Gigs as a Musician.

1. Create a media kit.

A media kit should be your go-to digital marketing material for promoting your business. You'll want to include all of the most important information on your business, including a background, song lists, pricing, images, video URLs, and anything else that will sway leads into booking you.

Think about it from the part planner's point of view: if you were interested in booking a musician, what would you want to know about them first? This is what you should include in your media kit.

"My media kit, featured on my website, includes a biography that captures my essence as a natural entertainer and talented musician from Edmond, OK. It showcases a variety of high-resolution photos, a selection of my smooth Jazz, R&B, Neo Soul, Blues, Pop, and Gospel repertoire, and snippets from my latest album 'Still Groovin' to give a taste of my style and versatility."

- Vearl T on his media kit content.

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2. Cultivate an online presence.

Social media, a professional website, an online booking platform—anywhere your music business can get visibility online is where you'll want to have a presence. Everyone is on their phone and is more than likely switching between a variety of social media apps.

Make sure your social media accounts and professional website are up-to-date, include important info on your business, and give potential clients a snapshot of what it would look like to book you.

"Most of what a prospective client *needs* to know is already on our listing on The Bash, on our website, and on our social media. By the time a client actually reaches out – at that point they generally want to see what it’s like to interact with us, and if we’re going to be easy/fun to work with."

- Scott Arcangel from The Music Boutique about his online presence.

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3. Leverage reviews and testimonials.

Reviews from customers are most influential when it comes to buying any product, and it's no different when booking entertainment! So go ahead, and show off your positive client reviews and testimonials—on social media, your professional website, or a screenshot in your photo library on The Bash, wherever you can!

Utilize screenshots, videos, emails, or texts of positive reviews where and when you can. If party planners see that other clients trust you and are satisfied services, they will be more likely to book you.

4. Share your setlists.

Whether you have one setlist you stick to or multiple depending on the event type, sharing your setlist gives potential clients a peek at what they can expect upon booking you. It also shows your skill, variety, and can set you apart from competitors.  

"My setlists are tailored to the event type, with a special emphasis on client personalization. My range in genres from Smooth Jazz to Gospel allows me to create the perfect musical experience, whether it's a wedding, corporate function, or community event, ensuring each setlist resonates with the specific audience."

- Vearl T on his setlists.

5. Offer package deals or promotions.

Letting party planners know about the packages you offer educates them on all that you can provide for their event. For example, a couple looking to book your music for their wedding ceremony might not realize you also offer cocktail hour and reception music as well or that you can provide music on both acoustic and electric instruments.

As our vendor Scott Arcangel put it, "...People won’t ask for what they don’t know exists…If the only thing people have heard of is a String Quartet – they aren’t going to think to ask for a String Duo or Trio, even though it may be the perfect fit for their day."

Utilizing promotions creates urgency to book your business before a limited-time offer ends, and can increase your chances of getting booked as prospective clients will not want to miss out. Don't underestimate the power of package deals and promotions either—they can be a major differentiator between you and a competitor.

"For wedding clients – once we’re playing for the ceremony, adding on the cocktail hour is at a very reduced rate. I tell couples – once we’ve dedicated our day to their day, we love to play for them as much as possible! For our corporate clients, we’re often able to add on things they might not even think about – such as a microphone/speaker package for any remarks, intros, speeches."

- Scott Arcangel from The Music Boutique on package deals.


Getting booked and expanding your music business takes time, but putting these 5 tips into action will get you started. If you're ready to get gigs as a musician, learn The Bash can help!



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