'Tis the (Wedding Planning) Season

Posted by The Bash on January 9, 2012

engagement ring

Another holiday season has come and gone. Time to take a deep breathe, put your feet up and enjoy some peace and quiet...right?

But wait! Don't get too comfortable! The holidays may be gone but the wedding season is just getting started!

If you're thinking, "hey dummy, don't most weddings take place in the summer?," then you're right (and a little bit mean). Summer is the most popular time to get married but the stretch between Thanksgiving and New Year's is the most popular time to get engaged. According to some estimates, well over 30% of wedding engagements happen in that five week period. That means a lot of diamond rings and a lot of happy couples!

It also means that right now millions of newly engaged couples are starting to plan the wedding of their dreams (or of their mothers' dreams). They are sitting at their computers googling wedding venues, florists, dresses and yes, wedding entertainment.

So what does this mean for you? Well, like clockwork The Bash sees a big uptick in traffic every January. This means a slew of motivated future clients are perusing Profiles on The Bash right now. Right now!

So start checking your leads like mad. And make sure you respond enthusiastically and politely every time.

Now is also a great time to tighten up your Profile, maybe even optimize it for the wedding crowd. Make sure you have some good photos and videos up there. Got any photos of you performing at past weddings? Might want to get that up there asap.

We know that not every member on The Bash plays weddings but the surge in traffic that comes with the wedding crowd really is good for all of us. The more people visiting and talking about The Bash, the more likely they are to come across your Profile.

So get out that tux or cocktail dress and get ready for wedding madness!


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