How to Manage and Organize Your Leads Inbox

Posted by The Bash on July 11, 2023

Leads that you receive through The Bash are always added to your Leads Inbox. From there, you can view and organize your leads and bookings by creating custom folders or by utilizing the sort and filter capabilities. Learn everything you need to know about navigating your Leads Inbox and folders below.

Your Leads Inbox

All members have both a Leads Inbox and Trash folder which are not customizable. Any leads that you receive through The Bash will always be added directly to your Leads Inbox. However, you can easily create custom folders to organize your leads and bookings. If there are any unanswered leads in your inbox or other custom folders, you will see that number indicated next to the folder name.

When viewing your leads in your Leads Inbox or other folders, you will see the following details for each lead:

  • The client's name (Last name is revealed after you send a quote)

  • Event date

  • Location (City, State)

  • Gig ID #

  • The client’s email and phone number (Revealed only after you send a quote)

  • Status of the lead:

    • Unanswered: This is the default status that all leads start with. This means you have not responded to the lead yet and the lead is still active. If the event date has passed, the event has been cancelled, or the event has been booked by another vendor, the status will change to inactive. 

    • Quote Sent: You sent a quote and the event has not been booked yet but you or the client still has the ability to book it. You will also be able to see if/when the client has viewed your quote. 

      • Please note that the “Quote Seen” feature requires the client to log into their account and view the quote or have an HTML-capable email program to view the quote. If you are concerned that the client may not have received or viewed your quote, we recommend that you follow-up with them directly.
    • Pending Booking: You have been booked for the event, but have not paid the booking fee yet.

    • Booked: You have been booked for the event and have paid the booking fee for it. The total booking amount will display here as well. 

    • Declined: You declined the lead. The lead will become inactive once the event date has passed, the event has been cancelled, or the event has been booked by another vendor.

    • Quote Expired: You will see "quote expired" if you indicated an expiration date on your quote and it’s past that date. The lead is still active and you’re able to send a new quote.

    • Inactive: The event date has passed and there are no actions you can take, the event was cancelled, or the event was booked by another vendor. 

If you are looking for more information on a certain lead or need to take actions like requesting or viewing reviews or booking the event, click the client's name and you will be brought to their full request with all the information you need. The view of all your leads in a given folder is meant to be a high-level, digestible view of your leads that you can further filter and drill into if needed.

Managing and Creating Custom Folders

As a new member, along with your Leads Inbox and Trash folders, you will see a default folder called ‘Folder 1’ that you can rename and utilize to organize your leads. You can add up to 24 total custom folders, but the first three custom folders will always appear first in the navigation. If you have more than three custom folders, you will see a "show more" link that you can click and view those additional folders.

To create new folders, rename existing folders, delete folders, or reorder folders, click the "Manage Folders" link in the navigation. 

  • To Create a New Folder: Click the “Create a new Folder” link and give the folder a name that is 40 characters or less.

  • To Reorganize Your Folders: Click the six dots next to the folder name and drag into your desired order.

  • To Delete a Folder: If you would like to delete one of your custom folders, click the trash icon. If there are leads in that folder, they will be moved to your trash folder. If you don’t want those leads to go to the trash, make sure to move them into a different folder before deleting the folder.

  • To Rename a Folder: To rename a folder, click the pencil icon and enter a new name for the folder that’s within the 40 character limit.

Vendors typically create custom folders like booked events, pending events, and completed events to further organize their leads.

Moving Leads to Folders

To move leads into a custom folder that you have created, select the leads you are looking to move either by clicking the "select all" box at the top of the leads list or by individually selecting leads. Once you have leads selected, you will see a link appear in the top right of the leads list that says "move # leads." Just select the folder you would like to move the leads to.

Deleting Leads

To delete leads, either click the "select all" box or individually select which leads you are looking to delete. Once you have leads selected, you will see a link appear in the top right of the leads list that says "move # leads." When you click that link, you will be asked which folder you would like to move those leads to. Just select the trash folder to move them to the trash. If you want to delete them permanently, you can go to your trash folder and delete them.

Sorting Leads Within a Folder

By default, your leads are sorted by the date they were created, with the most recent at the top. You also have the option to sort your leads by the date of the event (newest to oldest event and oldest to newest event). Click the ‘Sort & Filter’ button at the top of the leads list to adjust the sort order.

Filtering Leads Within a Folder

You can easily filter your leads to view them by the status of the event, client name, event location, client's email address, client's phone number, and event date. Click the ‘Sort & Filter’ button above the leads list and choose what you would like to filter by. You will need to enter the client's full details here when searching (e.g., client's full first name). Before you apply any filters, you will see a preview of how many leads meet those filters in the ‘View X Leads’ blue CTA button.

Exporting Leads to an Excel Document

You will see a "Download .xlxs" link at the top of your leads list in any given folder. Clicking that will download all of your leads that exist within that folder.

Searching Leads by Gig ID#

If you are looking for a certain lead and you know the Gig ID#, you can perform a quick search by using the Gig ID# search field. Please note that you must enter the full and exact Gig ID # into the search bar in order to locate the gig successfully. 

Utilizing Saved Responses

Under the ‘Manage Folders’ link in the navigation, you will see a link for ‘Saved Responses.’ This is where you can go to create and edit your saved responses. We highly recommend creating and utilizing saved responses to save you time and help you respond as soon as possible to new leads that come in. Learn more about saved responses here.

Viewing Your Booking Dollars

A new Booking Dollars page has been recently added to the Tools tab of your control panel. This tool allows you to view your total bookings dollars from your bookings on The Bash by month and year. You also have the option to download the information to an Excel document.



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