5 Keys to Healthy Gigging

Posted by Drew Stoga on October 17, 2011



Would you use words like "organic" and "macrobiotic" to describe your diet? Or would you use a word like "deep-fried?" Are you the type of person who spends their day off in a yoga class or are you more likely to be found stretched out on the couch?

You might think that you are too busy booking and gigging to live much in the way of a healthy lifestyle, but a little goes a long way. There are lots of simple things you can do to improve your lifestyle and get yourself on the healthy path. Here are a few of our tips for healthy gigging:

1. (Try to) Resist Fast Food- We aren't the type of people who think of fast food as a sin. We know that when you are suffering a full-blown Big Mac attack, a stick of celery or a granola bar just isn't going to get the job done. We also know that when you are on the road late at night after a gig, you don't have a ton of options.

However, by now just about everybody knows that there is very little on the McDonald's menu that can be called "healthy," even those salads are a little suspect. Performing requires a ton of energy and if you devour a bag of Taco Bell before taking the stage, or even the night before, you run the risk of giving a lackluster performance.

2. Don't Count on a Free Meal- Sometimes gigs come with the promise of free food and refreshments. Though hotly debated, this is particularly common for weddings, corporate parties and other big events where guests will be chowing down. Our advice: always plan ahead as if you were not going to get a free meal. As tempting as that raw seafood bar may look, you might not want to risk your performance by downing some oysters.

Why not pack your own pre-show eats? Our own Matthew Cutillo, an acoustic guitarist from Amityville, NY who literally wrote the book on how to be #1 on GigMasters, gives this advice: "Do yourself a favor and pack some good food: a banana, berries, a sandwich, whatever you consider to be good food."

3. Exercise, Occasionally- We all know that it can be hard to find the time and motivation to hit the gym but that shouldn't stop you from getting a little exercise. If you want to play your best, you need to feel your best. Even if it just means go for a half-hour walk a few times a week, do what you can to keep yourself in shape. It'll pay off ten-fold.

4. Drive Safe- Driving long distance to and from gigs? Don't do it alone! Bring a friend and take turns behind the wheel. If that's not possible, find a place to spend the night. Don't risk your safety just to save a few bucks.

5. Don't Pull a Charlie Sheen- Sure The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and The Who made it seem cool to party with groupies all night and trash hotel rooms, but there's a reason a lot of those guys aren't around any more. Celebrate in moderation and stay focused on staying healthy. You won't make it to the next gig if you hungover from the last one. Take it easy.


What are your tips for staying healthy and in peak gigging mode? Put down that pizza and leave a comment letting us know!



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