How to Add a Booking on Behalf of a Client

Posted by GigMasters on January 20, 2012

Adding a booking for a gig that happened outside of GigMasters or for a client that may be unfamiliar with our booking system is highly valuable for a few different reasons...

Benefits of Adding Bookings to GigMasters

  • Search Ranking: The booking will count towards your booking dollars once you pay the 5% booking fee for it, which is one of the three factors that help to improve your search results ranking.
  • Eligible for a Review: Once the event is over, clients will be able to leave you a review, just like any other GigMasters booking.
  • Access to Online Payments: The client will be able to easily pay you online for the service and you, as the vendor, will receive the deposit/balance payments directly to your bank account in 1-2 business days if you're enrolled in online payments.
  • Peace of Mind: All bookings on GigMasters are backed by our GigMasters Guarantee. Clients can take comfort in knowing that they're experience will be stress free from start to finish. 

To get credit for an outside booking, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Control Panel and go to your Gig Calendar.
  2. Click the 'Add Gig/Blackout Dates' link.
  3. Select the first option 'I'd like to initiate a GigMasters booking...' 
  4. Enter all details about client, the event, and your service information. Please note: You can only add an event that has a future date or an event that has occurred within the past 30 days.
  5. Click the 'Book and Pay Fee' button. You will be charged the 5% booking fee (minimum $20) and you'll receive credit towards your booking dollars and star rating should the client leave you a review.

For further details about the benefits of adding bookings, please read this related blog post:
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If you have any questions about adding an outside booking to your GigMasters account, contact us anytime! 

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