How Do You Rank?

Posted by The Bash on March 1, 2020

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Curious how search results are ranked on The Bash and how you can improve where you're showing up in searches? We have all the answers and more in this post.

How Vendors Are Ranked on The Bash

When party planners perform a search on The Bash, they enter their event location and the type of service they're looking for. The site returns a “best match” list of vendors, which is calculated based on many factors including your location, category, and bookings.

Your Categories & Location

As a reminder, you can edit your primary location and your service categories at any time throughout your membership. These two settings determine how clients find you in their search and so they directly affect the quality and quantity of leads you receive on The Bash. If you're not sure which primary location or categories to choose for your business, our team can help. Learn more about selecting your categories on The Bash.

Your Bookings

Your bookings contribute to where you rank in search results. If a client finds you through The Bash, you are required to book the event through the site per our user agreement. However, booking on The Bash also works in your favor you'll improve your ranking on the site, enable clients to leave you a review, be able to collect online payments, earn awards, and much more! Remember, once the client has agreed to hire you for their event, either you or the client can confirm the booking on The Bash.

PRO TIP! If you're a new member or are looking to boost your booking dollars, you can add an outside booking to The Bash to receive credit for it. This will help boost your ranking, get you another client review, and lead to more bookings for your business!

See Where You Rank Using the Search Results Analyzer

You can always find out where you rank by running a search from the homepage, but if you can also use the Search Results Analyzer. It's located right under the Tools tab of your Control Panel and it will help you see exactly where you rank in any search among your competitors.

By default, the Analyzer is set to your primary category and your primary location (according to the zip code you've given us). However, you can also see where you stand in your secondary categories and in other locations covered in your travel radius.

Your Search Results Analyzer

We're Here to Help!

Our team is here to help ensure you're successful as a member on The Bash. If you need help determining which categories to select for your business or are just looking for some tips to increase your bookings on the site, we're here to help! Contact us anytime.


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