6 Tips on How to Manage Client Expectations

Posted by Audrey Saavedra on July 3, 2024

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Setting expectations from the start is key to a positive client experience. From the first message exchange through each interaction leading up to the event, establishing a clear vision of what your client can expect will lead to a strong partnership. In this article, we’re sharing 6 tips on how to manage client expectations.

The best event experiences for clients are seamless, involve clear communication, and prioritize creating memories. Build trust, avoid misunderstandings and miscommunication, and ensure your clients walk away from their event satisfied with our tips on managing client expectations below.

Here Are 6 Tips on How to Manage Client Expectations.

1. Be Transparent About What You Can Provide

Be clear about the services you can provide, packages, and pricing. If pricing depends on factors not yet discussed when submitting a quote, be transparent about which factors may adjust pricing before the booking. Never over-promise by telling the client you will deliver services you cannot. Your first message exchange is when your partnership begins and trust starts to build, so create a strong partnership foundation that stands on transparency.

2. Get Special Requests Ahead of Time

Gather any special requests from the client well before the event to allow time to prepare accordingly. In the early planning stages, ask the client if they have any special requests. That way, you will not be surprised by last-minute requests you may not be able to promise. Communicate clearly whether the requests seem feasible and if there are any additional costs associated.

3. Set Deadlines

Deadlines keep both parties accountable and the entire booking process organized. If the client does not have any requests at the initial meeting, set a deadline on when the client can ask for a special request so that you aren’t stuck with minimal time to prepare and successfully deliver. Deadlines are also helpful when it comes to payments to ensure the client knows what is owed at what date and can plan accordingly. 

4. Utilize a Contract

Similarly, a contract holds both parties accountable and solidifies your commitment to the client's event, and their commitment to booking your service. Typically, contracts include the service you are hired to provide, the balance the client will owe, and other details about the event. In this blog, you can find some of the top questions clients may have that can help form the basis of your contract.

5. Over-communicate

Effective communication is critical to managing client expectations, especially for the day of the event. Ensure you gather all the day-of details from your client, including the exact location, parking instructions, setup area, duration of services, arrival and end times, etc. This will help avoid confusion or needing to follow up with the client on the day of their event. Be sure to also communicate how much time you will need for setup before the event and breakdown after the event is over. If the event is outside, make sure alternative plans are discussed so that you can arrive prepared and plan accordingly.

6. Provide Examples of Past Work

If a client is looking to hire you for a specific event or has a request you have delivered for a past event, sharing examples of previous work is a great way to set expectations on how your service will translate to their event. Whether a video, image, or even a testimonial, sharing samples of past work and reviews from satisfied clients who had a similar event is a great way to ensure the client knows what to expect. 


While things outside your control can impact an event, or client's expectations, or contribute to their overall experience, following these 6 tips will ensure you are doing all that you can to manage and set client expectations. If you’re looking to connect with new clients, get started on The Bash today!



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