GigPay Is Now EventPay!

Posted by The Bash on April 10, 2020

EventPayAs we transition fully from GigMasters to The Bash, we have decided to rename GigPay, our online payment system, to EventPay. Other than the the new name, nothing is changing with our online payment system and  members do not have to anything as a result of this change.

EventPay: The Easy and Secure Way To Accept Online Payments

About EventPay

EventPay makes it easy for our members to get paid online through The Bash. It’s a convenient and secure way to receive deposit and balance payments from clients!

EventPay lets you:

  • Receive client payments to your bank account as quick as 2 business days

  • Link a bank account to a securely encrypted database

  • Pay your booking fees directly from deposits

  • Use a single EventPay account for all your profiles or have one for each

Ready, Set, Start Getting Paid Online!

Enroll today and make the switch to EventPay. It’s easy to sign up, fast, and free to use. Also, more than 80% of all events booked on The Bash are by members enrolled in our current online payment system. All you have to do is provide some basic banking information and you’re ready to receive speedy payment from bookings.


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