EventPay: Our Free and Secure Online Payment System

Posted by The Bash on April 10, 2020

EventPay - Enroll in Online Payments-1EventPay is The Bash's free and secure online payment system that allows members to collect deposit and balance payments from clients for booked events.

Keep reading below to learn what EventPay is and the benefits of enrolling in our free online payment system.

EventPay: The Easy and Secure Way To Accept Online Payments

About EventPay

EventPay makes it easy for our members to get paid online through The Bash. It’s a convenient and secure way to receive deposit and balance payments from clients! Plus, it's free for both you and your clients.

EventPay lets you:

  • Receive client payments to your bank account as quick as 2 business days.

  • Link a bank account to a securely encrypted database.

  • Pay your booking fees directly from deposits.

  • Use a single EventPay account for all your profiles or have one for each.

Ready, Set, Start Getting Paid Online!

Enroll today and make the switch to EventPay. It’s easy to sign up, fast, and free to use. While EventPay is an optional feature, more than 80% of all events booked on The Bash are by members enrolled in our current online payment system. All you have to do is provide some basic banking information and you’re ready to receive speedy payment from bookings.

To enroll in EventPay, just follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account

  2. Go to the 'Account' Tab

  3. Click the 'edit' button next to 'EventPay'

  4. Click the 'Create A New Account' button

  5. Enter all of your information to create an account.

  6. Click the 'save' button

That's it! Your clients will now be able to pay you online. If you are requiring a deposit, just make sure to select the 'request deposit' button checkbox every time you submit a new quote. If you have any questions, contact The Bash anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions About EventPay

Are members or clients charged a credit card processing fee when using EventPay?

No, there are no credit card processing fees when using EventPay.

Do you automatically bill the clients for payments?

If you request a deposit due at the time of booking, we will automatically collect the deposit for you at the time of booking; however, we do not automatically bill your clients for any other payments. You are responsible for collecting payment from your clients, however we are always happy to send convenient payment links to your clients upon your request. At anytime, your clients are able to log in to their account on The Bash to make their payments. We do highly recommend requesting deposits at the time of booking to ensure you’re paid upfront.

How do clients pay?

Party planners can make a payment to any vendor enrolled in EventPay. To make a payment, planners can log into their account, and click "View Full Quote" next to the vendor's name. If the planner has booked the vendor, they will have the option to click "Pay Now". If the planner has not yet booked the vendor, they can click "Book Now" and will then have the option to click "Pay Now".

When will I receive my balance and deposit funds from clients?

You have full control on when you would like to get paid by your clients. When you are submitting a quote, you determine when the balance is due from your client. You can also choose whether a deposit is required and when you’d like it to be paid to you. 

Do you hold my funds from booked events?

No, we do not hold payments from your clients. Your funds go directly to your bank account on file once the client makes those payments. Payments reach your bank account in as fast as 2 business days.

How can I pay my booking fees directly from deposits?

In order to pay booking fees directly from your deposits, you must require a deposit due at the time of booking. When a deposit is listed as due at the time of booking, the booking fee will be deducted from that deposit payment and not charged separately. 

Can I request that the client pay a deposit at the time of booking?

Yes, if you are enrolled in EventPay, you have the option to make the deposit due at the time of booking.

Is EventPay only available to vendors located in the U.S.?

Yes, EventPay is only available to vendors located in the U.S.

Is there a maximum deposit or balance amount that EventPay accepts?

Yes, the maximum deposit amount is $2,000 and the maximum balance amount is $5,000.

What if I have multiple profiles on The Bash - can I use a different bank account for additional profiles?

If you have multiple profiles on The Bash, you can use a single EventPay account for all your profiles or have one for each!


Have more questions? Contact us anytime.

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