Member Spotlight: Dr. Dave Hill

Posted by Mary Ellen Skawinski on July 29, 2013

Disclaimer: Your next trip to Las Vegas may very well change your life.

At least this was the case for hypnotist Dr. Dave Hill. A business trip some 30 years ago brought the then investment banker to the City of Sin, where he happened upon a stage hypnosis show. “Fascinating,” he thought. “Fake,” he concluded. And yet, like many entertainers, something about the art of what he saw stuck with him. “One thing led to another and a year later I quit my job and I was a hypnotist,” he shared in our recent interview.

First Hypnosis

When we spoke last week, he recalled his first instance of hypnotizing an individual- Dave explained that he had hypnotized another member in his training class: “I suggested he go to the bar and bring us back two beers… And he did!” He admitted, “I was shocked.” As an entertainer though, Dave recognizes how unpredictable any live show can be, and that you don’t always wind up receiving the applause you had anticipated. In the entertainment business, it’s understood that a few lackluster performances over the span of one’s career, well, they happen. When they do, “Don’t charge them anything. That’s the best way to learn.”

Since embarking on his career as a hypnotist, Dave has had over 6,000 successful performances. He’s booked casino gigs, parties of all shapes and sizes, and corporate events, including ones for both GE and Google. Not to mention numerous television appearances! (Did you catch him on Myth Busters?)

Award Winning Secrets

Dave isn't only a great hypnotist; he knows how to run his business! He recently earned our Rapid Responder award which means that he responds to 99% of leads in 24 hours or less— his actual average response time is one hour! I had to ask Dave how he does it. His response came in three words: “Saved bid response!” Dave explained that the saved bid response feature is what allows him to respond instantly to any number of gig requests he receives: “You have a nice mobile phone page for the website to answer requests. You have places you can put a saved bid response. So it’s really very easy to manage responding to a bid in moments when someone requests information. And if you don’t respond right away, you may not get the opportunity to perform for that group.”

Next, Dave advises you call the client as soon as you’re provided their number. “If they’re not there, leave them a voicemail. My recommendation would be not to overcall them because then you sound like you’re desperate. It’s just better to leave a message and say that you’ll send a note back through GigMasters, and here’s how to reach me, I’d be happy to entertain at your event. That’s really about all you want to leave on a voicemail.” If you do get someone live, he points out, “That’s your time to sell your services.”

This sense of immediacy wasn't always the case. Veterans of the industry, Dave included, may remember a time before the Internet when clients looked up entertainers, one-at-a-time, in the Yellow Pages. Today a prospective client can pull up your name and ten of your competitors’ in a matter of seconds. It’s up to you then to satisfy what Dave calls, “the desire for instant gratification” by taking a moment to respond as soon as possible.

Time is money, we know, and Dave recognizes the adage, “First in market wins.”

Now when I count down from 10 and snap my fingers, you’ll bring back two beers. 10…9…8…


Do you have any other tips for earning our Rapid Responder badge? Comment below!


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