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Posted by The Bash on April 8, 2021

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In addition to being mobile-friendly and SEO optimized, your profile  on The Bash is designed to prominently feature your photos at the top of the page.

Hopefully by now you’ve had the chance to get familiar with your profile, but if you haven't, please do so now!

STEP 1: Your Profile Photo

Your profile photo is the most important piece of your profile on The Bash. It's the first image that planners will see in search results when they're browsing vendors in their area. Not sure which photo to choose as your profile picture? Take a look at our 5 Tips for Choosing Your Profile Photo.

Tip: We recommend that you log in here and check the size of your Profile Photo. If you need to make any cropping adjustments, you can easily do so. If you'd prefer to resize your photos before uploading, the standard 4:3 or widescreen 16:9 ratios look the best.

STEP 2: Search Results Photo

As soon as you crop your Profile Photo and click “NEXT” you will be immediately prompted to edit your Search Results Photo. This is a square thumbnail version of your profile photo and is still the image that clients see in search results when searching for vendors in your area.

Tip: We recommend taking a look at your profile as it shows up in search results to ensure you are looking your best!

STEP 3: Photo Gallery

Your photo gallery images are also an important part of your profile on The Bash. They give party planners a peek into what it would be like to book you. Ensure they are high quality, professional, and recent photos that highlight your services, talents, and your happy clients!

You can customize your gallery photos to any ratio. Photos will appear in the order they are uploaded, but you can easily re-order them by dragging and dropping them into your desired order (just click the dots in the lower left hand corner of the photo and drag them into place). We recommend uploading at least 10 photos, but we see vendors with an average of 50 photos are the most successful.


We recommend you take some time to look at your profile from a client’s perspective. Go to and browse around to get a feel of how you compare to other vendors in your category.

Bonus: When you have your photo situation squared away, videos and audio samples are very important too! If you're ready to move on, upload your videos here.

As always, if you have any questions or need assistance, contact us any time.




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