Understanding Your Rating

Posted by Drew Stoga on May 26, 2011

One of the reasons that clients have trusted GigMasters to provide entertainment for their special events is the GigMasters' rating system. Rather than just providing a massive database of performers and vendors, we have always felt it was important to have a credible rating system that accurately reflected our members' history with GigMasters. This is one of the reasons why clients know they can trust GigMasters to find great entertainment. Our member ratings are 100% based on client feedback and feedback can only be left by clients who book through GigMasters. This way we can be certain that the feedback is legitimate.

This makes it absolutely essential that you get client feedback - as much as possible. If you develop a good relationship with a client and give them a great performance, chances are they will be happy to leave feedback.

Just remember to ask politely.

GigMasters makes it easy to collect feedback from clients. We automatically send a feedback request to every client the day after their event. If two weeks go by without a response, we send the request again. GigMasters members can also trigger a feedback reminder at any point until 6 months after the gig. Here's how to send a feedback reminder:

1. Simply find the gig in the 'leads' tab of your Control Panel

2. Click "feedback reminder"

3. The next page will display a preview of the reminder. Click "Send Reminder"

That's it!

A great client feedback is a reward for a job well done. Not only does it boost your GigMasters rating, but it also increases the chances that future clients will book you. Sometimes all it takes to convince a client to book is a few good reviews from previous clients.

So think like a client and make sure your profile includes as much client feedback as possible.

Happy booking!


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