How to Confirm a Booking

Posted by The Bash on November 3, 2019

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If you’ve been hired by a client for an event on The Bash, congratulations! The next step is to confirm the booking through The Bash. Follow these quick steps to record the booking.

How to Confirm a Booking on The Bash

Remember, either you or the client can confirm the booking on The Bash. Just like our members, clients have a Control Panel where they can go to confirm the booking. 

To confirm the booking as a vendor, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Control Panel and go to the Leads tab.

  2. Find the lead in your Inbox (You can click the sort & filter button to search for the lead by the client or event details, or you can search by gig ID number).

  3. Once you find the lead, click the client's name to go to the full request. (If you search by gig ID #, you'll be brought right to this page).

  4. Select the correct payment options, then click the “Book Now” button. That's it! The gig will forever be an official booking on The Bash!

The Bash Booking Benefits

Here's why you should be confirming bookings on The Bash:

  1. If a client finds you through The Bash and hires you, you are required to confirm the booking on the site per our user agreement.

  2. Booking on The Bash helps improve your search results ranking on The Bash. Your ranking in search results is determined by your location, category, and booking dollars in the last 6 months. The more you book, the higher you'll climb in search results!

  3. For bookings confirmed on The Bash, the client will be able to leave a trusted and verified review on your profile. More reviews, lead to more bookings! Learn more about how reviews work on The Bash.

  4. You're able to utilize our free online payment system, EventPay, to easily collect online payments and deposits from clients. (Fun fact: 80% of events booked on The Bash are by members enrolled in EventPay.)

  5. Booking on The Bash gives your clients peace of mind knowing they're backed by our Booking Guarantee.

How to Make Changes to Already Confirmed Bookings on The Bash

Congratulations on the booking! Once an event is officially booked on The Bash, only The Bash can make changes to the event's details (time, date, rates, location, etc.). We would encourage you to confirm changes directly with your client and contact us at to inform us of which details need to be updated. From there, we will confirm the changes with the client and update the booking accordingly. We highly encourage you to use The Bash messaging to communicate changes with clients so that we can update the details for you faster.


If you have questions regarding booking events on The Bash, email us at anytime.

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