Product Update: Rebranded Member Control Panel

Posted by Alyssa Van Aman on April 28, 2021

Rebranded Member Control Panel-1Exciting newswe are rebranding the Member Control Panel on The Bash! If you’re new here, the Member Control Panel is where our members can manage their account, including their profile, leads, bookings, reviews, and much more.

Over the next several months, you may notice some new updates to the way the Member Control Panel looks. We will be implementing this redesign in a phased approach across the different pages and will be keeping this post up to date with all the latest changes.

Last updated: February 23, 2023

About the Member Control Panel Rebrand Efforts

We have been working on rebranding many pages on the site over the past several months to match The Bash's new brand and now we're focusing on the Member Control Panel. Many of the upcoming changes you will see in the Member Control Panel will be updates to fonts, colors, and overall design. The end result will be a new, cleaner, and a more mobile-friendly experience for our members to manage all aspects of their account.

Updated Pages in the Member Control Panel

You will notice that the following pages of the Member Control Panel have been rebranded:


Profile Details page

Event Type Selection page

Profile and Search Photo page

Gallery Photos page

Category Selection page

Song List page

Reviews page

Videos page

Referral Bonus page

Awards & Badges

Transactions page

Booking Dollars Tool page

In addition to these individual pages, the main Profile, Tools, and Account tabs have also been rebranded. Everything you know and are used to on these pages is still here, just redesigned with new colors and style, and is now more mobile-friendly!

Check out the details and screenshots of each rebranded page below.


Your Dashboard is the first tab and main screen you'll likely see when you log in to your account on The Bash. It features a snapshot of your profile information, membership details, and performance stats.

In this update, you'll see the Dashboard design is much cleaner, making it easier to see all the important aspects of your account in one place. You'll also see your stats are organized and displayed in a more prominent and digestible way with a couple of new additionsyou'll see the addition of your booking dollars in the past year now and a new section of stats on your reviews (including the number of reviews and your overall rating).



The Profile Details section is where you can edit your profile details (profile name, location, travel distance, pay range), description, lead preferences, and your profile URL. All the same fields exist here as before, but they are organized in four separate collapsible sections. Just click any section to expand it and edit the details within it.

Profile Details


The Category Selection page is where you can edit your primary and secondary categories. To select more secondary categories, click the plus sign icon. To remove currently selected categories, click the X next to the category.

Category Selection


There is now a new and separate Profile and Search Photo page in your Control Panel. This is where you can edit your profile photo and the square cropped version of it that appears in search results. All the same functionality exists here when uploading a profile picture. 


The Gallery Photos page has been rebranded and you can also now easily drag and drop your photos into any order you'd like by clicking the dots in the lower left of the photo. Also, any captions you previously had on photos will now be prominently displayed right below each photo.


The Event Types Selection page is where you can edit the event types that you are interested in receiving leads for. By default, your membership is set up to accept leads for all events. If there are certain event types you do not service, uncheck them and click the save button at the bottom of the page.

Event Type Selection Page



The Song List page has been rebranded is more user-friendly, making it easier to add, edit, delete, and reorder your songs both on desktop and a mobile device. 

Song List


The Reviews page is where you can view and sort reviews that you receive from your clients on The Bash. Not only has the page been redesigned, but it's now easier to sort and reorder your reviews!

Reviews Rebrand


There is now a new way to add videos to your profile on The Bash! With this latest update, you can add new videos to your profile through YouTube or Vimeo URLs. Moving forward, the only way to add new videos or audio samples is through YouTube or Vimeo URLs. Any files that were previously uploaded to your profile have not been affected. They will remain on your profile until you delete them and you have the option to download and save those files.

Learn everything you need to know about this update here: Introducing the New Way to Add Videos to Your Profile.

Video Uploader Update


The Referral Bonus Program page is where you can find your unique referral code to refer new vendors to The Bash. With this update, there are two new ways to easily refer your friends to The Bash. You can now enter in your friends' email addresses and send them an invite to join The Bash with your referral code. There is also an option to download and share your own personal referral card with your friends who can scan the QR code and sign up with your code.

Referral Program


The Awards & Badges page has been redesigned, but all the functionality remains the same. You can still easily embed any badge you receive from The Bash to your own personal website. The only change you'll notice is you can now find The Bash branded images and logos under the Awards & Badges section.

Awards and Badges-3


The Transactions page has been redesigned, and you can now select from a dropdown list to view processed transactions by year (as far back as two calendar years). The new design displays the information for each order ID in one expandable box. You can easily view the invoice for a specific transaction by clicking the Order ID or view gig information by clicking the Gig ID. 

New Transactions Page - Final


A new Booking Dollars page has been added to the Tools tab. This new tool allows you to view your total bookings dollars from your bookings on The Bash by month and year and download the information into an Excel document.

New Booking Dollars Page - Final


We are rolling out these changes throughout the Member Control Panel as soon as they are ready in an effort to get these exciting updates to our members quickly. We will continue to update this blog with the latest and greatest updates that come along with this rebrand, so make sure to bookmark it.

As always, if you have any questions about any of these changes or need help updating any settings in your account, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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