How These Santas Are Preparing for Events This Holiday Season

Posted by Olivia Borsari on September 17, 2020

It's hard to believe that the holiday season is just a few short months away and that celebrations might look a little different this year. However, as we speak with Santas nationwide, they are still planning to spread holiday cheer through safe in-person celebrations and even virtual events.

We caught up with two longtime Santa Clauses to find out what they are doing to safely perform at events this holiday season. See what they had to say!

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Tips For Bartenders and Caterers Servicing Contactless Events

Posted by Olivia Borsari on August 19, 2020

Contactless gatherings, social distancing events, and virtual parties have certainly increased in popularity since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. But what does this look like exactly for vendors like bartenders and caterers? While we certainly don't have all of the answers, we are continually learning and highlighting what vendors are doing right now to adapt to events.

Here you'll find some ideas and ways for bartenders and caterers to safely provide services right now.

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COVID-19 Event Checklist for Vendors and Party Hosts

Posted by Alyssa Van Aman on August 17, 2020

There is no doubt that vendors want to be able to perform again and party planners are eager to celebrate special occasions, but the most important thing is to ensure events are safe and adhere to local and government regulations.

If you are unsure of how to navigate the uncharted territory of events during the COVID-19 pandemic, read on for 8 must-dos for both party hosts and vendors right now.

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4 Vendors Performing at Virtual and Contactless Events Right Now

Posted by Olivia Borsari on July 24, 2020

As the landscape of the events industry has changed over the last few months, we're seeing virtual and contactless events become more and more popular. Vendors on The Bash have adjusted the way they do business to cater to how party planners are celebrating right now. 

We caught up with a few of our members to find out their secrets for performing at contactless gatherings and virtual events, and learn what recommendations they have for other vendors in the events industry during this time.

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Start Responding Faster With Saved Responses

Posted by Olivia Borsari on July 22, 2020

If you are looking for a way to reply faster to your booking requests on The Bash while maintaining a professional and personalized response, our saved response tool can help.

In this blog, learn everything you need to know about saved responses, including how to create and use them, how to personalize them, and tips for writing your first saved responses.

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