How to Get Booked Webinar Recap: Q & A Session

Posted by Mary Ellen Skawinski on January 27, 2014

Earlier we reviewed the main points discussed in our latest webinar, “How to Get Booked on GigMasters.” We went over everything from choosing your categories to the importance of client reviews.

Now for some highlights from our Q & A session. (Two thumbs up to those who participated – we received a lot of great questions!)

Q: Can I change locations with one profile if I spend half the year in another state?

A: Yes, you can update your location at any point during your membership period.


Q: We have a three-piece band that I want to add to my account. Can I do that and if so, how?

A: We actually offer 50% off additional memberships. From your Member Control Panel, go into your Dashboard. In the lower right hand corner you’ll see a link for creating new accounts. Once set up, you can toggle between as many different accounts as you'd like.

Q: Does GigMasters ever publish statistics like how many people book through the site monthly?

A: Yes! In addition to quarterly trend reports, we regularly post statistics on site performance, traffic, and bookings. If you ever have a question about a particular statistic, like the current demand for your category in a particular city or region, you can always give us a ring and we can provide you with the data we have.


Q: My band does mostly private events and weddings and we usually charge $5,000 or more. The online banking through GM is up to $5,000 max, and I feel like maybe GM is tailored to bands that charge less than that. Thoughts?

A: We definitely have bands that do book high paying gigs. Our online payment system is capped at $2,000 for deposits and $5,000 for balances for a total of $7,000, but your performance rate doesn't have to stop there. You can collect the additional payment with the client directly, or you can contact our Account Services team to create additional orders for higher paying gigs.

(cont'd) I am still getting the feeling that cheaper bands are doing way better on this site than we are.

It will certainly depend on the client and what they need for their event. Of course there are some clients who are very cost conscious, but we do have a lot of professional event planners booking for high-end clients as well.


Q: Is there a way to make our profile more appealing to high-end clients?

A: We find a high-quality cover photo can make all the difference. Just make sure you use one with the right dimensions— 1200px by 238 px— so that it doesn't look pixelated or stretched. Creating unique offers and listing out any notable past clients or events can also make a big impact.

Q: Earlier, you said, I think, that you would be willing to contact a client to remind them to write a review, sometime after the automated reminder. First off, did I hear right? If so, does this mean you would actually call the client?

A: We sure will! Just give us a ring or send us an email with your Gig ID and let us know that you’re having trouble getting a review for a gig. We advise you to first follow up with the client personally, though. If you have and you’re still in need of a review, we’d be happy to call with an additional reminder on your behalf.


Q: What can I do if I get a negative review? It looks bad and I can’t remove it.

A: In order to serve clients honestly and accurately, we do not allow members to filter, edit, or remove reviews. If you feel a negative review was the result of a miscommunication or issue outside of your control, please contact our Account Services department and we’d be happy to reach out to the client for further clarification behind the review.


Q: Can I link my PayPal to your site?

A: Clients can use PayPal to make payments, but you will need to set up your banking information to accept the payments. We use ACH payment transfers so they will be deposited directly into your account. There's no additional service charge for you or the client.


Q: I know you mentioned the Lite Membership is not really as successful as the others. How often do members gain a successful booking with a simple Lite Membership? I prefer to see some success, even on a small scale before I invest.

A: You could always try one of the other memberships and see what sort of results you get in the first 30 days. If you aren't happy, you could get your money back if you reach out to us within that time frame. You might wind up seeing better results within 30 days of a Pro or Gold Membership, for example, than within 3 months of a Lite Membership. So why not give it a shot?


Q: I have received many gig leads through GigMasters but never used the booking feature. What advantage is there to booking via your tool rather than just booking directly?

A: There are a number of advantages to booking through GigMasters. Namely, your ranking! If your gig isn't booked through the site, you’ll lose credit for the booking dollars, which are factored into where you rank in our search results. Also, the gig won’t be recognized as a verified booking nor will your client have the ability to leave a review. A low search results ranking, few or no verified bookings, and a poor listing of reviews can all contribute to a client passing your services up and opting for another vendor instead.

Q: There’s a lot of competition in my area. How do I separate myself from all my competition?

A: I would definitely make sure that your profile is set up 100%— that means writing a clear profile description, including an assortment of media, swapping in a quality cover photo, and creating unique offers. And please, take full advantage of all of our features. Opt in to text message notifications so that you can stay on top of leads in real time. You can always give us a call to discuss what else you can do with your profile, as well!


Whether you attended the webinar or not, you can always send us any questions you may have to For more tips, stats, and answers to your questions, check out the full presentation here:

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