3 Reasons You Should Initiate a Booking [Video]

Posted by Peter G on November 20, 2014

Every now and then a gig comes along that really stands out. The venue, the pay, the work involved, it all sounds amazing. The only thing is, well, the client contacted you outside of GigMasters… What do you do? No, this isn’t a trick question. We know it happens! And the answer is simple— if the details check out and the opportunity is ripe for the taking, you book it!

But did you know that you can actually funnel these outside gigs directly through our site? And that by doing so, you can benefit from it like any other GigMasters-verified booking? It’s known as initiating a booking and it’s part of a system designed to help members like you make the most of each and every booking that comes your way.

Of course, you may be thinking: Why would I even bother registering an outside booking through GigMasters? That’s a valid question, and it’s one we hear all the time. Here, then, are the top three reasons why you as the vendor should initiate bookings on behalf of your non-GM clients:

1. You’ll directly impact your search ranking.

Sure, we may keep the exact formula behind our ranking system under wraps, but it’s no secret that the number of gigs you book plays a role in where your business falls on any given search results page. We also haven’t hidden the fact that the amount of money you earn from each of these gigs is factored into the equation. Now as you might imagine, if we aren’t aware of these stats, we can’t exactly give you credit for them. Fortunately, there’s a loophole to this dilemma. When you initiate a booking, you’re providing us with all of the necessary information we need to log your stats from an outside gig. Once that data is processed on our end, you’ll receive full booking credit on yours.

2. You'll have access to online payments and downloadable contracts.

For many clients who are busy planning events, the ease of digital transactions is a must. However, only those gigs established on GigMasters are granted access to many of our online tools. So if you want to boast perks like stress-free, secure online payments or downloadable event contracts as a selling point for your business, it’s essential that you register your booking with us so that we know to unlock those features.

3. You’ll enable your client to leave a review.

Positive client feedback from past gigs is a central component to securing more in the future. But the only way your clients will be able to post reviews to your profile— and influence your star rating— is if their event was officially recognized by… you know where we’re going with this. Only GM-verified bookings are capable of being reviewed and posted to your profile. If you want to strengthen the selling power of yours and attract more prospects, all you have to do is initiate the booking in order to collect those client quotes.


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