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Posted by Brittany Anderson on November 16, 2017

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If you’ve just joined GigMasters as a new member, welcome!  

As you can see, there’s a lot you can do to customize your profile - and we’re here to help!  (If you’re not a new member, feel free to take a look and see what you can do to freshen up your profile!).  

Here are our tips to make sure you’re set up for success:

Customize Your Profile!

  • Description

           First impressions count!  Make sure to start off strong.  The beginning of your profile description                       appears in search results.

  • Travel Radius

           Your travel radius will be set to the maximum radius of your membership.  Set your radius to                             whichever range is best for your business!

  • Upload Photos

           Our most successful vendors have an average of 20 on their profile.  Your thumbnail image is most                 important as it appears first and in search results!

  • Upload Videos

           Vendors with videos get 3x more gigs! Uploading a video can showcase your services and what makes             you, you! If you don’t have a video, that’s okay too.  

  • Choose Categories

           Opting in to the most possible and applicable categories for your membership (ranging from 6-18                     categories) will get you the most visibility possible!

  • GigPay

           Enroll in GigPay to receive fast and secure online payments from clients.  It’s 100% free for our                         members!

Manage Your Leads!

  • Saved Responses

           You don’t want to miss out on potential gigs.  Saved responses help you respond to clients faster!                     They can be edited right from your Member Control Panel.

  • Lead Alerts by Text Messages

           1 out of every 3 bookings goes to the vendor who responds first.  Never miss a lead by opting in to                   receive our text message lead alerts.

  • Download ‘Leads by GigMasters’

           Our iOS and Android app helps you manage your leads on-the-go for free.  Stay connected and make               sure to download it now!

  • Respond Fast

           Getting in touch with the client first is so important.  Check your average response time from your                     Dashboard tab and make sure you’re above average!

  • Follow Up With Clients

           After you respond “yes” to a lead, you’ll receive the client’s contact information.  Reach out and let                   them know why they should book with you!

  • Offers

           Showcase any packages, services, or promotions you are offering!  This adds customization to your                 profile, as well as a direct lead from the client.

Get Booked!

  • Search Results

           Utilize our Search Results Analyzer to track your location, category and booking dollars in comparison             with your competitors!

  • Rankings

           Your search result ranking is based on your primary category, location, and booking dollars over the                 previous 6 months.  Make sure to record all your GigMasters bookings, and rise up the rankings!

If you have any questions, please contact us at any time! Our Account Services Team would be happy to help. Your success is our success!

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