Understanding the Member Control Panel

Posted by Olivia Borsari on June 22, 2020

Navigating Your Member Control Panel on The BashHaving a full understanding of your Member Control Panel on The Bash is one of the keys to ensuring success as a new member. It's important to familiarize yourself with these resources and tools as this is where you will find everything from customizing your profile to managing leads.

In this blog, we'll take you through the important sections of the Member Control Panel, including the Dashboard, Leads, Profile, Calendar, Account, and Tools tabs. Let's get started!


When you log in, you'll land on the 'Dashboard' tab where you will see an overview of your membership and profile information.

  • Profile Information: Here you can view your profile details, like your Member ID number, your overall rating, and your profile URL.

  • Membership Information: This is where you'll see your membership start date, membership status, membership renewal date, and membership level.

  • Dashboard Stats: In the stats column, you can find useful insights like your earnings to date, number of leads you received in the past year, your average response time, and more!


Next up is the 'Leads' tab. Here you'll find everything you need when it comes to receiving and responding to leads. 

  • Search by Gig ID Number: If you're searching for a particular lead, you can search for it directly by using the Gig ID Number.

  • Leads Inbox: Your leads will always be added to your leads inboxyou have the ability to organize it and create new folders. We recommend creating folders like "2020 Booked Events" or "2020 Pending Events" to help further organize your leads inbox.

  • Saved Responses: Here you can create custom saved responses to help you respond faster to your incoming leads. Once created, you'll be able to choose from them when you submit quotes on the site.


In your 'Profile' tab, you'll find everything you need when it comes to building and customizing your profile. We recommend getting your profile to 100% complete to ensure success and also setting up your free profile consultation with our team. See below for highlights:

  • Pay Range: You have the option to enter a price range for your services, which we highly recommend populating.

  • Profile Details: This is where you can edit your profile description, telling potential clients what you do, who you are, and what makes you special! It's also where you can now opt in to virtual events.

    • Note: You can view your auto-add settings in this section as well. All new members are automatically opted in and we highly recommend keeping it turned on so you receive the maximum number of leads. 

  • Category Options: Your category selection determines how you will be found you on the site and will directly affect the quality of the leads you receive. Learn more about how to choose the best categories. 

  • Photos: You can upload up to 100 photos to your profile. We recommend uploading at least 10 high resolution and recent photos, but our top bookers have an average of 46 featured on their profile.

  • Video & Audio Samples: In addition to photos, you can also upload audio and video samples to your profile in this section. We encourage all of our members to have at least one video, as we see members with video get 3X the number of gigs.

  • Song Lists: If you're a musician, you can upload your song list in this section. We recommend adding at least a few songs to showcase your style.

  • Reviews: Here you can control the order of your reviews. Make sure to put the best and most recent ones at the top. Learn more about reviews, including how you can request them and respond to them on The Bash. 

In the 'Additional Features' section, you can buy and manage your Featured Profiles, edit your event type selections, change your profile URL, and more! For additional details on customizing your profile, check out this blog.


Under the 'Calendar' tab, you can view your booked gigs by month. It's also where you can add outside bookings and blackout dates so that you have a complete view of all your booked events in one place.

  • Blackout Dates: If there are days that you’re unavailable for, you can blackout those dates on your calendar. Once they’re entered, you will no longer get leads for those dates.

  • Add Outside Bookings: You have the ability to add an outside booking to your calendar on The Bash in two ways:

    • You can just display the outside booking on your calendar for potential clients to see. This allows you to display your entire business's bookings, making it easier to manage your availability and show potential clients how busy you are!

    • You can choose to pay the 5% booking fee for that outside booking and receive credit for it on The Bash and be eligible for a review. This will help boost your search ranking on the site!

  • Modify/Delete Bookings: If you need to modify or delete one of your previous calendar entries, you can do that here. If you need to make a change to any of your confirmed bookings on The Bash, please contact our Account Services Team.


In the 'Account' tab, the two most important things to point out are:

  • Contact Information: This is where you can update your contact information, but almost more importantly, it's where you can opt in to text alerts.

  • EventPay: You can opt in to EventPay, our online payment system, in the Account tab. We highly recommend opting in as you'll be able to easily and quickly receive online balance and deposit payments from clients.

Under this tab, you can also find and edit your billing information, view all your transactions, explore optional features, and change your password.


Lastly, under the 'Tools' tab, you'll find valuable insights and tools for your business on The Bash, like:

  • Search Statistics: Here you can find your daily and weekly search stats, featured profile tracking insights, and the number of audio/video plays on your profile.

  • Search Results Analyzer: This allows you to see where you rank in your category and location compared to other vendors. Learn more.

  • Star Rating Analyzer: This is where you can view your overall star rating, which is the average of your reviews left by your clients on The Bash.

Here you can also find links to event liability insurance, access to your awards and badges, the portable contact form, and reviews widget.  


If you have any additional questions about navigating your Member Control Panel, please contact us at (866) 342-9794. We're always here to help!

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